Search & Replace - Database

Better Find And Replace

This plugin has ultimate premium features to search and replace in Database. For search and replacement this plugin has special 2 options. You can search for URLs or you can search in the Table’s.

Basic Instruction to make a perfect search and replacement in Database

  • First create a report by selecting dry run from bottom of the setting section
  • Report will appear in a modal window. You can check there which row / data is going to be replaced.
  • On the report’s, if you think the replacement is perfect which you want, then close the report window and un-check the dry run and click the Find & Replace button.
  • Attention: Please check the report and make sure which data you are going to replace. It’s very important because once you replace it in the Database you can’t un-done it.
  • important: So, before replacing in the database create a dry run report and see if it’s perfect or not. If it’s wrong change the find keyword then try again the same procedure until you see it’s perfect on the report.

WARNING: Search and replacement in database is permanent. You can’t re-store data once it get replaced. PRO version can help you to relax on this case. PRO version automatically save everything when you replace anything on Database. Later anytime you can re-store from it if you have installed it before replacement.

Video Guide - search and replace in Database

  • Comming soon…

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