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How to use Shortcode rule - PRO version only

  • Shortcode rule - allows to masking over Shortcode. The rule applied before the final result display on the Browsers in front of the visitors. Follow the following steps to setup a masking rule on the Shortcode.

Take a look at the following image. We will discuss details of it -

Better Find And Replace

  • Steps:
    • Go to menu - Find & Replace -> Add masking rules
    • On Find field enter the full Shortcode tag you want to replace - In the above case Shortcode tag is - [video src=""]
    • On Replace With field enter your new Shortcode tag what you want to use for masking - in the picture - [video src=""]
    • Next, from the Rule’s Type field, select - Shortcode (replace before rendering on Browser) option
    • Next field - Where To Replace keep it unchanged
    • Next, from the Advance Filter section, you can apply more filter on it. e.g: if you don’t want to take effect the rule on a certain page / post, you can select it from there.
    • Finally, click Add Rule button, you are done! your new Shortcode will take place over your old Shortcode’s.

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