Add Rule for a Specific Page

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How to Add a rule for a specific page - PRO version only

  • This feature allows users to add rules in a specific page. The rule only works on the specific page, not other pages if these pages have the same word / text.

Take a look at the following steps to make a rule -

  • In the first step: Go to from menu -> Find & Replace -> Add New Rule
    • Enter the text in Find & Replace section
    • Rules Type - Plain Text / Regular Expression / jQuery / Ajax - Onload / Shortcode
    • Where to Replace - On a specific page or post
    • From the Advance Filters section
      • select page or post from page or post field
    • That’s it.

Take a look at the bellow images..

Better Find And Replace

After adding new rule:

Better Find And Replace

Video tutorial - How to add a new rule which works only a specific page

  • Video demonstration of specific page rule
  • That’s it! Enjoy premium features!

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