Plugin Access Control

Better Find And Replace

Allow lower level user to access the plugin

  • This plugin has been created for administration / high level of  use only. To allow lower level or developer access you should follow the steps. 

  • If you login as a general user, you will not have access to the plugin’s functionality. You can easily allow a user or group of a user to access the plugin with the most popular  “User Role Editor” or “PublishPress Capabilities” plugin or any user role editor plugin by your choice. For example, we are going to use the “User Role Editor” plugin to allow the permission.

  • Currently we have 4 capabilities to control admin menu tabs.. Capabilities :

  • bfar_menu_add_new_rule - used to control menu - Add New Rule
  • bfar_menu_all_replacement_rules - used to control menu - All Replacement Rules
  • bfar_menu_replace_in_database - used to control menu - Replace in Database
  • bfar_menu_restore_in_database - used to control menu - Restore in Database
  • Before allow user to access the plugin, it will look like as bellow image

Better Find And Replace


  • Install and activate “User Role Editor” plugin in your WordPress website
  • Go to user section of your website - Users -> All Users. Check the screenshot bellow

Better Find And Replace

  • Click capabilities from the user row - inside the username column under the title. You will land to the following section.

Better Find And Replace

  • Here you will be able to see the options for the plugin - Better find and replace. You can check the capabilities and click update button to allow the specific user to access the plugin. Finally, user will be able to access the specific menu of the plugin.

Better Find And Replace

  • Check the following image to allow group of users to access the plugin

Better Find And Replace

  • That’s it!

Video tutorial - How to use access control option for lower level user

  • Video demonstration of lower level user’s access control

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