Install & Activate Pro

Better Find And Replace

Follow the steps to install and activate pro version:

Pro Version Installation:

  • Please download the PRO plugin from the Dashboard URL that has been provided to you via email.
  • Please upload the file to your website and proceed with the installation process.
  • To ensure proper functionality, please ensure that you have installed the free version of Better Find And Replace as well.
  • Once installed, all the pro features will be activated automatically.

Activate Pro Version License:

Upon activating your license, you will have the capability to effortlessly update your plugin with a single click through your WordPress dashboard, similar to the process for other conventional plugins.

  • To activate the plugin license, kindly log in to the Dashboard using the URL provided in the email, along with the credentials that were issued to you upon purchase or those you may have subsequently modified.

  • Please proceed to the My Download section, locate the plugin, and download it. Subsequently, install the plugin in your WordPress environment if it has not been installed previously.

  • Generate your license key from the “Generate new license key” section.

  • Utilize the provided license key within your WordPress Dashboard, specifically in the License tab within our plugin.

Step by step guideline:

  1. Upon completing your purchase, you should have received an email containing the URL and credentials necessary for downloading the PRO addons from our server. Kindly use the provided information to access and acquire the addons.

Download Screenshot

  1. Upon downloading the PRO version, you will receive the accompanying zip file. It is not necessary to extract its contents, as this file serves as your installable package.

Download Screenshot

  1. After downloading, navigate to the Generate New License Key menu on our server to create a license key. Enter any desired information in the label field and choose your license plan from the dropdown menu in the subsequent fields, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

generate-license Screenshot

  1. Navigate to the My License Keys menu, where you will find your license. If you are subscribed to the Extend License plan, you can generate an unlimited number of licenses.

license Screenshot

  1. To proceed, it is essential that you install the PRO version on your website. This action will facilitate enhanced functionality and features.

license Screenshot

  1. After uploading the plugin, you need to activate it. Upon activation, you will observe the changes on your website, as depicted in the following screenshot.

license Screenshot

  1. Upon activating the PRO version, you will find yourself directed to the following screen.

license Screenshot

  1. Upon activation of the pro version, a new menu titled “License” will become visible. It is imperative to input the license and the appropriate credentials to complete the activation process.

license Screenshot

  1. Please enter your license key and click the Validate License button. Once it is validated, all the PRO features will be activated automatically. You have successfully completed the process.

wp-dashboard Screenshot

All Done!! Experience the benefits of premium features.